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Computerised Universal Testing Machine
Universal Testing Machines are fabricated & designed for testing metals and other materials under compression bending, transverse, tension, and shear loads. The testing of standard specimens and structure is possible due to large effective clearance between columns. Other specifications of these machines are as follows: • Loading Accuracy as high as (+) 1% • Straining at variable speeds to suit a wide range of materials. • Robust staining frame of an extremely rigid construction • High reading accuracy due to large size and design of dial. • Wide range of standard and special accessories, including load stabilizer • Easy change from plain to threaded and screwed specimens. • Motor driven threaded columns for quick effortless adjustment of lower cross-head-to facilitate rapid fixing of test specimen. • Ease of operation by simple controls. • Safe operation ensured by means of safety devices
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Vee Kay Industries
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General Information

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Product Description


1. Peak load along with on line load
2. Maximum elongation with online elongation
3. Ultimate Tensile Strength
4. Graphical Display of Load vs. Time
5. Graphical Display of Elongation vs. Time
6. Graphic Display of Load vs. Elongation
7. Graphic Display of Stress vs. Strain
8. Complete Statistical Analysis
9. Data Report Management

Safety Features:

1. Machine stops after specimen failure
2. Safety against Over travel of piston
3. Safeguard against high temperature
4. Surge Protector
5. Auto Machine Diagnosis
6. Safety against overload

PC Configuration : Optional

1. Processor: Pentium IV / AMD 64 BIT
2. Processing Speed: 2.0 GHz or higher
3. Hard Disk Drive: 80 GB
4. RAM: 256 MB
5. CD ROM: 52 X 4 MB
6. F.D.D.: 1.4                   
7. Colour Monitor: 17" SVGA
8. Key Board: 104 Key
9. Printer : Inkjet
10. Printer : Laser (Optional at extra cost)
11. Mouse Optical
12. UPS of at least 600 VA capacity

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